Welcome boaters to the simple enjoyment of your waters.

Our marina management software streamlines marina operations by providing transient and seasonal slip reservations, leasing, waiting lists, lottery and retail in one unified system for attracting customers, serving their needs and maximizing your revenues. Marina management software can be seamlessly integrated with campground management for marinas managing both camping and slip reservations.


online reservations and call-center service


transient, seasonal, lease reservations,
waiting lists, lottery, retail, sales &
financial management, optimized for marinas


reservation and management software in
the outdoor recreation industry

Make the boating life more accessible and enjoyable with our marina management software.

Introduce boaters to all you offer. Make it easy for them to reserve transient slips, make a seasonal or lease reservation, obtain permits, and rent gear online, on the phone or in person anytime with Aspira marina management system. Give your staff the tools they need to provide better support while managing a more efficient business.

Marina demo on an iPhone

Simplify Marina Management

Boaters can reserve online, in person or through our call center. All transactions, from every source, are updated instantly. You always have the most up-to-date information, with no risk of double bookings.

Accommodate Any Boater’s Needs

Easily handle any scenario, including advance reservations, float-ins, long-term rentals, off-season storage, waiting lists, transfers and multiple boats in a shared slip. Make better decisions based on vessel-specific dimensions and IDs.


Get more People on the Water

Work with our outdoors-savvy marketing team to develop targeted emails, social media campaigns, online spotlights and other multichannel tactics. We can extend your reach across generations and cultures to bring more people to your marina.

Connect with Your Customers

Our marina management software helps you conveniently organize, send, track and report on key customer communications. Gain deeper insights into when and how your customers want to hear from you.

Provide Rentals, Retail, Camping and More

Our marina management software processes reservations, retail sales and equipment rentals in one centralized system. A guest can pay for camping, rent a skiff, obtain a fishing license and buy tackle all in a single transaction.

There’s no need for separate marina reservation and point-of-sale systems. We make it easy for your guests to get everything they need, and easy for you to track bookings, supplies and finances — all through one integrated system.

— Kanchana Daundaratne, Sr. Product Manager

Protect and grow your business

You love helping people enjoy the water. That’s why you take pride and pleasure in managing a marina. We’ll provide the security and direction you need to achieve your business goals with confidence.

Secure Every Transaction

Our data center infrastructure provides best-in-class security, using the same technology and practices employed by online banking and financial services institutions. You and your guests can rest assured that every transaction is protected.

Measure Results, Strategize Growth

Track and reconcile revenue in real time, from transaction to bank deposit. Choose reports that provide ongoing insight into purchasing behaviors and trends. With your business data and our marketing vision, we can achieve more together.

"The goal is not to sail the boat,

but rather to help the boat sail herself."

— John Rousmaniere

There’s nothing like a beautiful day on the water. Let’s create memorable experiences and a more profitable business by helping boaters discover your marina and all it has to offer.