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Learn why @COParksWildlife chose ACTIVE Works Outdoors #cloud software to create a seamless experience for customers

SAN DIEGO, Calif.— July 9, 2014 – ACTIVE Network®, the leader in cloud-based Activity and Participant Management™ solutions, today announced that Colorado Parks and Wildlife has chosen ACTIVE Works® Outdoors as the technology solution to help streamline operations and better serve their customers.  ACTIVE Works Outdoors is a flagship, cloud-based software platform designed to help agencies automate licensing and manage park reservations through a central platform. 

ACTIVE Works Outdoors allows state parks and wildlife and conservation agencies to:
• Manage Operations - Provide convenience and security for customers and remove manual processes. 
• Streamline Purchasing Path - Issue and deliver licenses and permits through one platform. 
• Deliver Insights - Track and manage activities in real-time with a dashboard that shows fill rate, revenue, and demographics.

“For more than 15 years, ACTIVE Network has partnered with states and provinces across North America and understands the unique needs of both wildlife agencies and public parks looking to find cost-savings, improve e-commerce services, and access valuable data insights,” said Gary Evans, General Manager, ACTIVE Network Outdoors.  “After close collaboration with both the public and our agency partners, we are creating a solution that integrates the purchasing of licenses, passes and campground reservations with a single view accessible from anywhere, and we are proud to be taking the next great step in outdoors technology with the State of Colorado.”

“ACTIVE Network knows the outdoors market and the importance of maximizing resources and streamlining processes,” said Henrietta Turner, Colorado Parks and Wildlife.  “Partnering with ACTIVE Works Outdoors to update our infrastructure will assist Colorado Parks and Wildlife in providing one stop shopping for the many services and products that Parks and Wildlife offers our customer.”

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